The Underground Nightmare

A return to the underground complex in the Third Knife, this adventure was a tragic disaster, seeing the death of many brave heroes.

Characters Present

  • Rusty
  • Grimm
  • Mysterious Cleric
  • Jess


Grimm scouted parts of the first level of the dungeon, and found no new inhabitants. He heard flapping wings through a doorway.
The party descended to the second level, defeating a giant centipede.
The party scouted north, and found an underground pool. Grimm swam down a submerged passageway, but turned back before finding anything.
The party went to the Octagon room, and handily defeated two more golems.
The party burned yellow mold out of two more rooms, and found an altar with golden statues.
Exploring a subterrainian river, Rusty walked into a gray ooze, and was swiftly engulfed.
The party fled the fight, choosing to explore the upper level some more.
The party found Stirges infesting a previously explored part of the dungeon, and elected to fight them. The stirges drained first the Mysterious cleric, and then Grimm. Jess the Cleric fled the scene.

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