The Knives

The Knives are a series of volcanic islands near Old Town. The first and smallest of them is frequented by fishermen, but further out they are considered too dangerous, both for the vicious reefs that surround them, and the occaisional pirates and worse that live on them. The Knives are tall spires of black volcanic rock, rippled with razor-sharp obsidian. Some of the islands have black sand beaches which allow small boats to pull ashore. Ships coming from the West must round the Knives and the Razor Reef to anchor at Old Town.

Locations in The Knives

The Second Knife

The Wreck of the Whippet

The Whippet was a trader from the West, run aground on a beach in the Knives. Imbedded to the gunnels in sand, she rots on the beach. The beach is about 60 feet long, and the Whippet is roughly in its center, on a slight list. Giant crabs are known to frequent the beach. The wreck itself was breifly inhabited by a small gang of Kobolds, who seemed to have been stopping there temporarily. Below decks there are the skeletons of several crew members. The Redrock Raiders' exploits here are recorded in First Foray.

The Third Knife

The largest of the Knives, there is the barely recognisable ruin of a tower here, as well as an underground complex. Small sea-caves are found on the shore. The island is known to be home to a small number of Goblins, many or all of whom were defeated in The Goblin Lair.

The Dungeon

The complex is not yet fully explored by the Raiders. It is known to have at least two entrances. It is largely worked stone, well decayed. It is inhabited by the small humanoids, as well as some natural denizens. The dungeon was partly explored in The Third Knife.

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