The Clubhouse

The clubhouse of the Redrock Raiders is currently located in the basement of the Bell and Anchor tavern. It smells of old beer and sweat. It's a small room that can hold twenty people at a squeeze. There are a few tables and chairs, and a bucket for spitting. Sometimes Old Ted the bartender bangs on the floor above to keep the noise down.

Things in the Clubhouse

In the clubhouse there is:

  • A stinky giant crab claw
  • A map of the reefs around dragon rock
  • Two crates containing roughly 470gp worth of glassware
  • A table carved with the names of the fallen
  • Four magic arrows

Fallen Comrades

This is a list of Raiders killed in action:

Raiders of Renown

Boasting of their exploits in the clubhouse you will find:

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