The Account of the Sword & the Hero

Found amongst the Mysterious Clerics Possessions are two holy books, written in a strange and unknown tongue, and the following account written in common.

The Account of the Sword & the Hero.

In times past followers of the three were found throughout the land

The people accepted The Father; the law giver, trader, craftsman, The Mother; Bringer of life and harvest, master of nature and the seas, as well as The Man; the arbiter, imperfect, flexible, creater of fates in equal measure.

This was a time of peace and prosperity.

During the Great Goblin Wars many of the people choose a new direction.

The Father was worshipped above all others.

At this time the Hero and the Sword found each other and the faithful preserved.

As the war drew to a close the followers of the One Father sought to destroy that which they could not control, seeking battle with the Goblin King and his followers in their stronghold of Bar-Al-Mutqada.

Only the faithful servants of the three recognised this folly and choose to mercifully accept the uncontrollable in the world.

After the bloody battle the followers of the One Father resented the Church of the Three and marched on the Abbey of Antioch.

Once again the Hero and the Sword defended the true faith and for a time order was restored.

After the battle the Sword was no longer with the hero and it travelled north, to the hills by the Black Arrow Mountains. There it shall wait for a new Hero.

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