Return to the Third Knife: The Goblin Lair

The Raiders returned to the site of their previous adventures, detailed in The Third Knife, investigating the voices heard during that adventure. They found a lair of goblin raiders, and explored further into the dungeon.

Characters Present

  • Rusty
  • Fink
  • "Hey You"
  • Mysterious Cleric


Fink scouted the previously explored parts of the dungeon, finding no new inhabitants.
Rusty broke down the stuck door into the goblin lair, waking the goblins.
Mysterious Cleric could understand the Goblin tongue, allowing the party to lay an ambush for the goblins.
Rusty lured the goblins into a corridor, and ignited a pool of oil under their feet, killing six goblins. The party made short work of the rest of them, but two goblins escaped.
The party explored the goblins' lair, and found a stash of gems. They also found a captive were-creature, who thanked them for setting her free.
They learned from the were-creature that Old Ben had been eaten by goblins several days prior.
The party found a hole down to a lower level of the dungeon, where the party defeated several giant centipedes - not before the centipedes had bitten and poisoned the Mysterious Cleric.
The party found a circular room with eight doors and a symbol of "The Many" inlaid in the floor. Many of the doors concealed ancient guardians - Golems made of wood. They defeated two of these Golems in the course of finding an ancient altar, covered in valuables, and four magic arrows. Three doors remain unexplored.
Leaving the dungeon, Fink was ambushed and killed by the surviving goblins as he climbed up to the first level. "Hey You" cast Sleep on the goblins, and Rusty finished them off.

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