Old Town

Old Town is the base of operations for the Raiders. It's an old fishing town of maybe 1,000 inhabitants. The town itself was built long, long ago, and most of the buildings are of stone, with thatched or shingled roofs. The streets are cobbled. The weather is frequently cold, and the prevailing wind is a blustery easterly that brings salt spray and mists off the sea. Most of the townsfolk are fishermen and their families. They trade fish, usually pickled or salted, to the South and the West in exchange for supplies that are difficult to produce locally. The fishermen typically do not stray far from the shores, and the first of the Knives. Pirates, sea monsters, and minions of Chaos are widely believed to infest the islands offshore.

The vast majority of the town are humans. A handful of halfling traders make their home here, though they are trusted little by the insular townsfolk. They bring a modicum of cheer to the dour existance of the fishing folk. Dwarves are not unheard of, either living for a time in the town, or stopping in merchant ships. Elves are known only in rumour and legend, and are widely despised.

Locations in Old Town

Bell and Anchor Tavern

This tavern hosts the clubhouse of the Redrock Raiders in its basement. The tavern above is a quiet and convivial place, favoured by older fishermen and traders from out of town. The owner, Ted, doesn't approve of the Raiders, and it is probably his wife with whom the Raiders made their arrangement.

Church of the One

This is the main church for the principal deity of Old Town "The One". The One's followers are cheifly lawful. The religion, with strict rules but brief ceremonies suits the pragmatic and unyeilding fishing folk of the town.

Characters in Old Town

Old Ben

A cantankerous old fisherman, Ben is known to fish further out than almost anyone else, and always alone, seeking the biggest schools of fish. He went missing in good weather. The Redrock Raiders found his ship dragged into sea-caves on the largest of the Knives, along with some primitive-looking canoes. This exploit is detailed as The Third Knife. Old Ben is now believed to have been eaten by his goblin captors, as was discovered in The Goblin Lair.

Young Ben

This is the nephew of Ben. A shrewd businessman, he seemed more concerned with retrieving his Uncle's boat than with his Uncle's safety. The Raiders have procured several items through Young Ben, notably the mast and sail for The Crab Claw.


The chief priest of The One in Old Town, Godric is very hostile towards the Raiders, accusing them of harbouring Demon Worshippers, Elves, crimanals, and Wizards. Many of the townsfolk share his distrust.

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